Making an Impact in the Community

The Global Impact Leadership Awards is an initiative focused on the acknowledgment and recognition of individuals, organizations and/or corporations who have made a positive impact in their community.

At GILA, we believe that adding value to others, by acknowledging their hard work and positive impact, is a great way to motivate, empower and promote selfless and empathetic behaviour amongst individuals and, therefore, in the community. We also believe that leadership is founded on the act of serving others and we love to inspire more people to do so with this initiative! 


Welcome to GILA!

Nomination Criteria

Community Support

Actively involved in projects that support and enhance our community.


Leader in the community, who is always looking for opportunities to serve others and be a role model in his/her area of influence.

Connecting Others

Bridge builder and connector between individuals and/or organizations for a greater purpose.


Actively involved in mentoring others in business and/or professional arena, as well as with personal life principles.

Adding Value

Adds value to others by

guiding, supporting and empowering them.


Helping other leaders grow, develop and improve themselves and their environment. Always seeking to transform the culture.

Nomination Box

We are so excited to recognize and acknowledge people's positive impact to the community.

If you know someone who should be the next GIL AWARD winner, we would love to hear from you! 

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